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Worker’s Compensation

You have certain rights to money and medical care when your are injured while doing your job. Let us help you enforce those rights. We can get you a pay check while you are unable to work and get quality medical care to treat your injuries. When you have completed your medical care, we can get you money for your injuries too.

If your injuries have severely disabled you permanently, you have the right to be re-trained so that you can still obtain gainful employment with your new physical restrictions and if this is unsuccessful, you may have the right to be paid money to replace your wages for the rest of your life.

You have many more rights in addition to those above.

All of your rights can be trampled by your employer and its work injury insurance company, if you do not have an attorney. It is our goal to prevent your rights from being trampled and to aggressively fight in court for your rights if necessary.

The best result will be obtained when you hire us IMMEDIATELY so that we can protect your rights before anything occurs than can give your employer or its work injury insurance company the upper hand.

The fee for our services is the same no matter when you hire us, so IMMEDIATELY is the best time.